Hey everyone! I’m Samantha, the face behind A Truthful Traveler.

Who is A Truthful Traveler?

I am a 20-something dog mom, wife, photographer, educator and lover of all flowers.

My puppies!

I spent my formative years growing up in Toronto, Canada but always longed for the ocean and mountains. When I finished university I bought a one way ticket to British Columbia, where I spent an amazing but tiring year growing the minds of little kidlets.

Husband & photographer extraordinaire: Adrian

After getting married I moved to Seattle, WA, which I proudly call home today. An hour in any direction can take me to forests, mountains, or ocean water. I love it here!

Why “A Truthful Traveler”?

Who here loves to travel? It is very rare I meet anyone these days who has not taken a trip or two- travel is no longer exclusive. With Pinterest and Instagram you can practically plan your own vacations with a world of resources at your fingertips!

With all the travel happening around me, I was feeling inspired but tired. It seemed as though every picture and post painted a perfect picture of travel. It was all the same.

So when I embarked on my three week honeymoon to Europe, it was different than I had expected. It was beautiful, but it was not perfect. In between eating gelato, strolling the streets of Paris and driving through the UK we also managed to miss trains, we over planned and we made a whole lot of mistakes. This was not the travel I was shown on the Internet.

One of my first posts was based on my experience in Banff & Jasper National Parks in Canada

On the plane ride home I jotted down notes for an idea: I would share my travel stories. The good, the bad, and the downright messy. To paint a truthful picture of travel. This idea grew over the next few months into A Truthful Traveler, and I spent the first few months recounting all of my stories from Europe.

I do not sugarcoat my experiences. In my blog I have talked about getting attacked by a cloud of gnats while viewing beautiful flowers and I have talked about missing an expensive and anticipated tour in London. I have also shared how perfect some places really are, and have posted Itineraries with my own spin on things.

Beautiful Washington State!

My hope is that through A Truthful Traveler I will be able to make people laugh while bringing travel back down to earth!

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