This Valentine’s Day

My love story has always revolved around travel. This year for Valentine’s Day, I decided to write a love letter, to the one who has taught me that travel is more than just seeing beautiful places, it is about the adventures and experiences along the way.

For you…my partner in love & travel,

Thank you for showing me what true adventure is. Over the years I’ve learned that adventure is being open to new things and going through with them, even though it scares the heck out of you.


is going into the ocean at night (even if the water is only up to your ankles…) although there is the potential for scary creatures in the dark.

One of the beaches on our first vacation together in Cayo Coco, Cuba

One of our first pictures together


is taking your first flight alone, to be able to see the one you love who is 4000 km away.

Sunset in La Jolla, California. Adrian did a 4 month internship in San Diego & we got to explore the city together when I came to visit

The beaches in San Diego are my favorite- especially Coronado Beach


is driving down winding roads with cliffs that drop hundreds of feet, to find some of the most amazing views you’ve ever seen.

We got to take a road trip that Spring all through California, and finished with a scary drive down Highway One

We took a day to visit Yosemite and climbed up to the top of a waterfall



is making a new city your second home.

Mt Rainier is one of the coolest places to visit in Seattle, and I caught this shot flying out of the city!

Spending a Summer in Washington got me hooked on hiking- this is Rattlesnake Ledge


is driving through Yellowstone at dusk, and being surrounded on all sides by a herd of buffalo passing through.

Sunset at one of the geyser basins, right before our run in with the bison

On that same road trip we got to visit Glacier National Park!


is sleeping in a tent in rattlesnake territory, just to wake up next to the ocean.

We camped in the hills of Laguna Beach so we could wake up to the sound of waves!

We took a coastal roadtrip all the way from Washington to Southern California!


is moving across the country to be with someone, after spending three years living in different cities.

New home!

Newly engaged at Cannon Beach


is driving long distances on weekends to discover new places together.

We took a long weekend road trip to Banff, Alberta to find places like this!

A whole year was spent with us living a three hour drive from one another, so weekends were cherished time spent together. Thanks to Anton Kedin for our engagement photos!


is driving through washed out roads, in order to share your favorite places with friends and family.

After flooded roads and crazy weather we finally made it to Carmel, California

We took our sisters & our puppies with us!


is spending your honeymoon traveling through Europe with nothing more than a backpack.

Venice, our last stop on our three week long honeymoon To see truthful travel posts from our honeymoon, visit Great Britain, France and Italy!


is planning to learn to surf in Australia, planning to see New Zealand in a camper van, and planning to camp your way through Maui.

All of these adventures have led us to beautiful places, and have created the most amazing memories.

You believe in me more than anyone else, and gently nudge me to become even braver.

You are my greatest adventure.

Happy Valentines Day!