A Truthful Traveling Baby!

Hey all! A Truthful Traveler here!

It’s been quite awhile since I have added any new entries to the website, but I am back & here to share some news- there is a truthful traveling baby on the way!

Since finding out at the beginning of this Summer (my birthday to be exact!) I have been hesitant to write anything new. I was feeling very icky thanks to morning sickness, and not sure of how to proceed with writing- it felt inauthentic and “untruthful”- not like a truthful traveler, when I was going through some big changes in my personal life.

It’s a given that my travels, and therefore my writing, will look a little different as we enter this new and exciting adventure of parenthood, but there are still six months to go. I have yet to write about my adventures in New Zealand, Maui, and Yukon Territory, and still have a million ideas for other posts floating around in my mind. A Truthful Traveler will remain the same as its been since its inception- a space where I can share the highs and lows of travel. It will just be gaining another, sweeter layer, and I can only imagine the funny stories I will have to tell traveling with a baby.

a truthful traveler

A million thanks for all the support from my friends and family through this change, and to all my readers who have told me that they miss my posts. I miss them too, and now that I can share this news I can finally, truly get back to work around here.

I hope you will stick around to meet baby, and share our future adventures with us!

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With all the love from this momma-to-be,