Beautiful Canadian Landscapes: 6 Must See Places from East to West (and North!)

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Oh, Canada. 

A place so vast, so undiscovered, so pristine & so damn naturally beautiful. Canada doesn’t have to try very hard, it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. As I sit here writing this at Kathleen Lake in Yukon Territory, I am blown away at the height of the mountain in front of me and the quietness of the lake. It truly is mesmerizing. 

Canada Day is my home country’s birthday, and this year I am spending it in the mountains. At 5514 km wide and 4634 km tall there is so much to explore. I’ve been as far to the East as Quebec and as far to the West as the ocean. I’ve been across the Southern border in multiple provinces, and have now been as far North as one of the territories! I have a few favorite places, and want to share them with you. Here are my favorite beautiful Canadian landscapes.

I am Canadian but I live in the US! To find out how I ended up here, read my Valentine’s Day Love Letter!

Montréal, Québec

Québec is a special place. It is the only province in which French is the main language, and is home to the 2nd oldest city in Canada: Montréal!

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Notre Dame Cathedral

Montréal is a special city any time of the year. If you visit in the Winter, you will be greeted by snow banks higher than cars, but also some pretty awesome skating. If you visit in the Summer, you can aimlessly stroll around Vieux Montréal. It is a European looking city, by Canadian standards, with a huge cathedral and old buildings. There is even an Olympic Stadium from the 1976 Olympics! 

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Olympic Stadium

Truthful Travel Tip: Even if you do not speak French, learn basic conversation before you go. Like in many French speaking countries, the locals will appreciate if you try to speak their language instead of resorting to English!

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Beautiful old buildings in Vieux-Montréal

Tobermory, Ontario

For a more detailed look at Tobermory, check out my Ontario’s hidden gem post!

Hidden almost 4 hours from the city of Toronto is a harbor on a peninsula with crystal clear waters and unique rock formations. 

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Looking out from Flowerpot Island

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Crystal clear waters of Tobermory

Tobermory is strictly a summer destination, with the small town essentially shutting down in the excruciatingly cold and snowy Winter. Although it has some cabins and hotels, in my opinion it is best to camp. You can scuba dive, take a boat tour to an aptly named “Flowerpot Island” (there is a Flowerpot rock formation!) or hike around Bruce Peninsula National Park. Tobermory is a perfect outdoor destination!

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Shipwrecks on the boat cruise to the island


Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Truthful Travel Tip: Because it is only open in the Summer (you can go in the Spring and Fall but not all tours are running and the water is way too cold to swim) it gets quite busy. There are a few secluded spots that tourists have not seem to have found yet, so seek those out for some solitude!

Jasper National Park, Alberta

You haven’t seen Canada until you’ve seen the Rocky Mountains. Because of their beauty, the Summers are often crowded with people. There is one place where you can be guaranteed to find less crowds: Jasper, which is North of the famous Banff National Park.


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Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Jasper Mountains

There are short hikes, there are long hikes, and there are views of jagged snow capped mountains as far as you can see. You can find elk in town, and moose just a short drive outside of it. There is something for everyone to do in the park.

My dad came with us to Jasper and Banff, and had no trouble at all keeping up! Read about our experience!

The Icefields Parkway links Jasper and Banff, and includes waterfalls and glaciers. One of my favorite hikes is Valley of the Five Lakes (a 4.5 km hike) which circles, you guessed it, five lakes!

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Valley of the Five Lakes

Truthful Travel Tip: Late Fall/ Early Winter is an amazing time to visit the park. You will need access to a car, but you will be greeted by the first snow falls of the season, waterfalls freezing over and a quiet park!

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Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Athabasca River, Icefields Parkway

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

During the Spring in British Columbia, there is are many beautiful Tulip Festivals!

In a province whose motto is “Beautiful British Columbia” there is a lot of beauty to see. While I lived in the province for a year I did not explore as much as I wanted to.

Some of the places I discovered are covered in my Recap of 2017!

However, I have had the chance to see beautiful lakes set to a glacier backdrop.

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Joffre Lakes Provincial Park

North of Whistler lies a trail that will take you through various glacial lakes. The trail is dog friendly (always a plus with us!) **NOTE: As of May 2018, the trail is no longer dog friendly and although it is rated moderate the views are definitely worth the trek. There are friendly birds that will make you feel like a Disney princess (or prince!) and each lake gets better as you climb higher. This hike was my first in British Columbia and it set the bar quite high!

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Glacial ice on top of the mountain

Truthful Travel Tip: The parking lot gets full quickly, as do the overnight campsites. Arrive early to ensure access to the park, and if you are camping, a place to legally sleep.

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Look at the color of the lake!

Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is such a unique city. It almost feels European, with its architecture, history and general vibe. 

There is so much to do in the city, the only downside is that its location on Vancouver Island means that it requires some sort of boat to get to. There is something for everyone in Victoria. If you’re into flowers and plants, the Butchart Gardens is an amazing attraction. The city is also beautifully decorated with plants and flowers lining the streets. A history buff might enjoy a visit to Hatley Castle, or the British Columbia Parliament buildings. And families are sure to find fun at Fisherman’s Wharf, which is home to colorful houseboats, candy shops and the occasional seal!

Truthful Travel Tip: Summer in Victoria is beautiful! There are local markets, stunning displays of flowers, and it makes for a beautiful boat ride whether you are traveling from Vancouver or Washington State!

Planning to visit Victoria? Check out my 2 Day Victoria Guide for more details!

Kluane National Park and Reserve, Yukon Territory

For more Yukon, check out my Yukon Guide with 3 of the territories’ breathtaking locations!

The largest internationally protected area in the world is so incredible that I am still at a loss for words.

Looking down at Kluane Lake!

Kluane National Park is located at the Western border of Yukon, bordering Alaska. It is home to the world’s largest non-polar ice field, which I was lucky enough to see from the sky. Flying over glaciers and seeing mountain peaks, crevasses and Kluane Lake down below is not something I will soon forget. If these towering peaks (Mt Logan is the tallest at 19,551 ft!!!) do not leave you awestruck, nothing will. There is much to explore on land as well: Kluane Lake has many access points, as does Kathleen Lake a bit further South!

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Abolsutely unreal views!

Truthful Travel Tip: Save up for a flight tour over the glaciers. Only the very small and very close mountains can be seen from the road, and you are barely scratching the surface of what there is to see. Weather permitting, you can even land on a glacier and walk around (we did not get a chance to do this!)

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

Crevasses in the glacier

There is a variety of beautiful Canadian landscapes, and so many things to see. With 10 provinces and 3 territories, it is the 2nd largest country in the world. You could visit it over and over and still have so much to discover. This Canada Day I hope to inspire you to come visit The True North!

Beautiful Canadian Landscapes

The color contrast was amazing!

Happy Canada Day!


A Truthful Traveler