Glassy water with a pier and greenery surrounding. There are mountains in the distance

What To Do in Victoria, BC In 2 Days

Canada is a huge and diverse country. There is the island province of Newfoundland in the East, the Arctic territory of Nunavut up North, and mountainous regions dotting the West Coast. If you go all the way to the West, you will find the province of British Columbia. If you go to the Westernmost point […]

Empty rocky beach located on crystal clear turquoise water

Visiting Ontario’s Gem: Tobermory Attractions

Four hours North of Canada’s largest city, Toronto, there is a place that could be mistaken for a tropical paradise. There is crystal clear water. There are islands. But one step into the water reminds you exactly where you are: the frigid waters of Georgian Bay. Tobermory is a tiny town surrounded by beautiful scenery; […]

Woman looking out at emerald colored lake, surrounded by mountains and blue sky

Three Breathtaking Locations in The Yukon, Canada

The Yukon embodies Canada perfectly. It is vast and wild. It is filled with the friendliest people you will ever meet. And it is remote. Located in the Northwestern corner of Canada, bordering Alaska to the West, British Columbia to the South and the Northwest Territories to the East, it is no easy feat to […]

Snow covered mountain in the Canadian Rockies with jagged, misty peak. Tall and thin coniferous trees sit in front of the mountain, providing contrast.

Best Winter Destinations in The Canadian Rockies

There is no doubt that The Canadian Rockies are a magical place at any time of year. The best time to visit, though, is in the Winter. In the Summer there are blue glacial lakes, more hiking opportunities than you can count and chances to see wildlife everywhere. There are also countless tour buses filled […]

Winter Wonderland in Canadian Rocky Mountains

What is a fantastic recipe for a whole lot of truthful travel? Traveling approximately 2000 miles from Seattle, Washington to the Canadian Rocky Mountains in an SUV filled with three adults, two dogs, and a whole lot of snacks. To read about a sunnier road trip, to California, click here! For more Canada, visit my […]


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