Signs of Spring Adventure

White cherry blossom tree

Spring is a season of new beginnings! Although we may be close to home, that does not mean we need to spend all of our time indoors. Embark on a Signs of Spring adventure!

If you have a backyard you can utilize that space for your wandering. If you live in an apartment, condo, or have a neighborhood that has outdoor space, as long as you keep your distance you can get outdoors for a walk. Make the signs of spring adventure yours: whether you are four or thirty-four, and whether this activity is solo or with the ones you love, recognizing and engaging with the signs of new life and renewal can be refreshing for all of us during this time!

Signs of Spring #1: Listen for the birds!

When I was pregnant with Noel I decided I wanted to prioritize outdoor play with him. While reading a book called “How To Raise A Wild Child” I came across an activity that involves simply noticing your natural surroundings.

Bright pink blossoms on a tree, with blue sky and clouds in the background

You can get specific with this! Listen for the birds. Think there are no birds where you are? Take a listen, you’d be surprised! When I first tried this activity I could not believe all the sounds I had been missing; there was an entire chorus.

Add On Activity: Take a video of the birds chirping and singing, and revisit it when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It will serve as “white noise”, something that is helpful not just for babies but also kids and adults!

Signs of Spring #2: Find the buds and blooms!

The unofficial start of Spring starts for me when the apple and cherry blossoms start to bud, and eventually bloom.

For the past few years I have visited the tulip fields here in the Pacific Northwest. Brighten your day by virtually checking out the Skagit Valley blooms!

Cherry blossoms in focus on a tree

Although this varies based on your climate, you can usually find at least the very, very early starts of Spring at this time. Your garden, or a garden in the neighborhood, may also be showing the change of season. Right now my hyacinths are in full bloom, and the shoots of other Spring and Summer blooms are peeking through the soil.

Pink hyacinths poking through soil

Add On Activity: Use your Smartphone for something other than mindless scrolling! INaturalist is an app that will identify plants and animals based on photographs you take. It will show you common species in your area, and how many of each type have been recorded. I love using it to learn more about my surrounding area!

Signs of Spring #3: Touch some dirt!

Spring is the season for planting, there is no better time to start a garden than now. Getting your hands into some dirt can be intimidating, but it is easier than you would think!

You don’t need fancy seed packets and an already established garden with tools and containers to get started. A quick Google search will show you that you can utilize produce you already have (such as green onions!) in order to start your own little garden.

Budding plants in egg cartons and small containers

Don’t have much space? You can start by growing in egg cartons, and re pot in a few months when the plants have sprouted and are larger. Indoor Edible Garden is a book I used when we lived in a small apartment, and was able to grow chamomile, microgreens & alpine strawberries (okay, one strawberry…)

Add On Activity: Sound too intimidating to start a garden? Start small. Plan out your dream garden, filled with your favorite flowers, vegetables and fruits! Write out your ideas in your phone’s notes, paint a picture of what it would look like, or create a playlist for gardening!

Finding the signs of Spring is a great way to connect with nature and get outside in your neighborhood. I hope that these activities bring you some joy in these crazy times!

“The Earth has music for those who listen.”